About Us:

“Making hats like no ones business”

25 year old designer and photographer, Lindsey Thomson, started designing and making “Hott Topz” as a chic accessory to glamorize her photo shoots. An experienced photographer, Lindsey’s unique style and attention to detail is prevalent in all of her photos, as well as in each and every Hott Topz hat design. Her love of electronic music was also an inspiration... in designing a unique hat to compliment each of the many outfits designed for music events and parties.

She started experimenting with color and design while working at her families quilt shop, where she was encouraged not only to sew, but to be creative with fabrics and textiles, colors and design, and to have a unique sense of merchandising. That creativity spilled over into all areas of her life, starting with her designs in clothing and costumes, her unique photography and her love of electronic music and dancing.

Her contemporary, yet glamorous and sometimes edgy hat designs have propelled her to the top of the industry with her designs featured in Nashville’s Model Citizen Magazine and a spot in RAW artists fashion show in September 2011.


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