Want to earn up to 20% discount off your next order?
We offer discounts for all submissions to the customer gallery.  We will give 5% discount to regular pictures. Event or Rave pictures you can earn 10% discount off your next order!! But if you submit BOTH you can earn 20% discount off your next order. To qualify for the discount(s), your photos must meet the following guidelines:

- The Hott Top must be worn by a person.
- The Hott Top should be shown prominently in the pictures.
- Hott Topz by LiNdZ products ONLY (no imitations).
- If submitting a picture from an event/rave, must have something showing its at an event (lights, stage, poster, etc).
- Pictures must be in color. We do not accept black and white or sepia tone images for the customer gallery. Sorry NO WEBCAM shots!
- No excessive image editing. Minor edits are fine, but we will not accept anything that has been significantly altered.
- Permission to use the images in our gallery. If another person holds the copyright to the image (for example, a photographer), make sure to check with them before submitting.

How to Submit a Picture
If you would like a submit a photo, please send the following information to lindzfotography@yahoo.com.

- Your name - Either your real name or whatever nickname you want to go by.

- The pictures - You can either send them as an e-mail attachment or send us a link to them. Please send the direct link to the picture itself. For example, if you have pictures uploaded to your Facebook page, give us the link to the page that the picture is on -- not just a link to your profile.

- Your website & Event Information - only if you have one, of course! If you include a website address, this will be used to credit you on the gallery page. If the pictures were taken at any kind of event or rave please let us know the event names and where it was held (ex. Get Freaky, Salt Lake City UT).

- Can we use it? - any pictures submitted may be used for banners, buttons, fliers, business cards, pages on this site, or in auctions unless you request that they not be. If you do not want your picture used for any of those things, please let us know! Please also take all of the things listed into consideration; if you're okay with being posted on a banner but don't want to be used on a physical business card, don't be shy about saying so!

As you can see we do not have any pictures yet...so hurry and get those submissions in! We want to see all you beautiful people wearing your Hott Topz!!!


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